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Welcome to the minimal website of the most caffeinated IRC bot anywhere (* unproven, don't hold us to that).
ExB, a sleek, fast, extensible, and generally groovy bot being written entirely in Java, by a bunch of bored brits.

Long time gone
15-October-2003 - Xenith

As you may have guessed (esspecially by the comeback of old-skool ExB Web), this project is dead. It hasn\'t been worked on in over a year or so. There is nothing to say we won\'t find more time to work on it again, but as of this moment, and for the near future, all of us are too busy with work and/or school to do any kind of work here. If you find a bug (god forbid), and have a patch, well, go ahead and send it to me. I might just commit it. :)
Super Alice Goes Gold
04-May-2002 - bse

Yes, you heard it here first. ExB 2.1.0, Codenamed SuperAlice, is now available from your favourite Sourceforge.net mirror.

Now, you may be wondering why the big version number jump from 0.2.1 to 2.1.0? Well this is the second major development (exb3 to be the third, and so gives it the 3.x title), and this release brings with it some major changes, mostly back ported from the current exb3 test code (As seen here) which improves IRC message processing performance greatly. The release also has a spiffy new "seen" module, named BigBrother. And <1.0 version numbers just don't look as spiffy, now, do they? *g*
Taking a break
23-April-2002 - Xenith

We, the lazy ExB developers, have decided to take a break.

(Ok, well, we're actually all waiting for bse to hack out some code for cheshire, but he has decided to actually concentrate on classes (gasp!))

So, looks like ExB will only get incrimental bug updates until sometime this summer, when we actually start working again. Me, I'm gonna use this time to work on my personal project, JaMUDe (soon to be renamed) at http://sourceforge.net/projects/jamude/

Feel free to check it out (yay for self-pimping action). As always, feel free to join us in the chat, we're still all IRC-whores, and will be there for your abusing needs. ;-)
We now accept donations!
14-March-2002 - Xenith

Hey, good news! (for us) We now take donations through PayPal. Go us. Umm....currently it just goes right to my private account, but that's because SourceForge is silly and doesn't allow us to set up email aliases.

As soon as we get the ExB Colocated Server(tm) up, we'll be able to create a seperate paypal account and such.

So, anyways, donate! We need money! ;-)
It was wataru... and here comes ExB 0.2.2
08-March-2002 - bse

Hot the tails of 0.2.1 we bring to you 0.2.2. A quick release fixing a private query bug and adds support for Jakarta Ant. If you\'re using 0.2.1, please upgrade before telling us about any bugs you might have found.

You can chat with us on IRC at:
irc.exbot.org channel #bot

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Released: 04-May-2002

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